Launch of Podcast is happy to announce the start of our new podcast. Launched in January 2024, there are currently two episodes available in Spanish, with more content—and in other languages—soon to be available.


Episode 1: Al cine con – Ozu Yasujirō: Cuentos de Tateshina – Entrevista con la periodista Carmen Grau

In the inaugural episode of the podcast, journalist Carmen Grau Vila talks about her writings on the life of Ozu Yasujirō. Carmen produced several articles on Ozu for the site in 2023, a year that marked 120 years since the acclaimed director’s birth and 60 years since his death.


Episode 2: Al cine con – Godzilla (la primera y la última): 1954 y 2023

Godzilla Minus One, the latest movie featuring Japan’s most iconic monster, has quickly become a global smash hit following its US release in December 2023. We discuss how the franchise has changed over the past 70 years.


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