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About Japan

SHARING We share Japan with the world. With our website, available in seven key global languages including Japanese, we offer a nonprofit, nongovernmental perspective on all things Japanese to a global readership. Our team of translators and editors includes native speakers of all our languages with decades in and deep knowledge of today’s Japan, dedicated to sharing it clearly with the world.

CONNECTING We connect people, organizations, and more to enhance Japan’s communication with the rest of the world. As a public interest foundation, we seek to contextualize Japan in the global community as we craft opportunities for Japan and its partners worldwide to consider and discuss the issues that face us all.

SUPPORTING We work with Japan’s top communicators and idea-makers who want to share their insight with the world, and with everyone around the globe who wants to connect with Japan. We also offer training and skills to people who want to work at the forefront of this intercultural arena, further supporting those who strive to build lasting connections.

from the President

In recent years, major nations around the world have steadily enhanced their messaging capabilities on the global stage. Japan, however, has seen its international presence wane.

The Nippon Communications Foundation was launched to counter this trend. By sharing information on Japan’s politics, economy, society, culture, and more on our multilingual website,, we aim to boost understanding of the country and to extend its influence worldwide.

Our strength lies in language. Our talented and diverse staff of translators and editors, native speakers of all the languages in which we publish and fluent in Japanese, work alongside Japanese colleagues with deep experience in journalism, writing, and editing. The passion we share is to put our skills to use in sharing Japan with the world.

Japan is a forerunner in grappling with many issues that impact us all. From pollution and urban congestion to energy efficiency and the graying of society, there are countless areas where Japan has tackled problems and has potential solutions to share with others around the globe.

In 2023 we defined our foundation purpose to clarify this goal: sharing Japan with the world in ways that help all humankind overcome the issues we face today. This purpose remains unchanged as we chart our path forward, cooperating with others of like mind and invigorating global discourse and mutual understanding.

Akasaka Kiyotaka
President, Nippon Communications Foundation

Our Mission

The Nippon Communications Foundation strives to promote understanding of Japan through web-based publishing and other activities to convey information on Japanese politics, economics, society, and culture to a diverse global readership.

At the same time, in our capacity as a nongovernmental organization, we develop and implement a range of other projects aimed at contributing to better international understanding and fostering global human resources in numerous fields.


Name Nippon Communications Foundation
Foundation December 2010
(became a public interest incorporated foundation in July 2018)
Address 4F, Sasakawa Peace Foundation Bldg.
1-15-16 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Tel. +81-3-5510-5401
Fax +81-3-3519-3519
President Akasaka Kiyotaka



As of June 26, 2024

Board of Trustees

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    Itō Yoshiaki

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    Kanehara Atsuko

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    Ogata Takeju

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    Sasae Ken’ichirō

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    Tamaki Rintarō

Board of Directors

  • President

    Akasaka Kiyotaka

  • Managing Director

    Koga Kō

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    Aizawa Kayo

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    Kataoka Yuka

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    Sunami Atsushi

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    Takahata Akio

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    Kodama Osamu

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    Sodeyama Hiroyuki