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The Nippon Communications Foundation produces with one goal in mind: to share Japan, as it stands today, with the entire world.

Japan is a nation with highly developed economic, social, and political systems. Despite the advances it has made over the years, though, it struggles with the aging of its population, the stagnation of its productivity, and other issues that press its people to explore new ways to tackle them. In the hope that these trials might shed light on similar problems faced by other countries, we share Japan with the world as it unfolds.

Japan is a nation with a history thousands of years deep and with unique cultures and traditions that have been shaped by its encounters with other peoples throughout this time. The Japanese people occupy a space that blends facets of this ancient past with the all-new changes at the cutting edge of their culture today. We share Japan with the world as it defines its new identity.

Most of all, Japan is fascinating. As an organization relying on no government funding, we are free to pursue our own curiosity and interest in all aspects of this nation—its people, its culture, the problems that vex it. We share the Japan that interests us with the world, trusting it will be interesting to all.

We publish in seven languages: English, Chinese (both simplified and traditional characters), French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. Our organization is home to specialists in all of these languages who have their sight set on a global audience of 7 billion readers. We share Japan with you.

Editorial Policy

In planning, producing, and editing content for, we pursue the following goals:

  • • To present accurate, fair information to our readers
  • • To maintain an independent stance, giving ourselves full freedom in and responsibility for producing our website
  • • To respect the human rights, dignity, and privacy of the people we cover
  • • To avoid giving favor to particular individuals or organizations in our coverage
  • • To share information on Japan with a global readership in multiple languages, thereby contributing to mutual understanding in the international community


The content published on is decided by the Nippon Communications Foundation editorial staff, with guidance and input from an editorial planning committee consisting of prominent intellectuals and journalists. Additional content and thematic direction is provided by external writers and translators who work with us on the website.

Editorial Planning Committee

Committee chair Takenaka Harukata, professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Committee members Hosoya Yuichi, professor, Keiō University
Kambayashi Ryō, professor, Hitotsubashi University
Kawashima Shin, professor, University of Tokyo
Masuzawa Sadamasa (Rick Masuzawa), chief zukai officer, Zukai Inc.
Miya Kazuho, former editor in chief of Chūō Kōron
Tsuchiya Hideo, former deputy chief editorial writer, Nikkei

To ensure the editorial independence of, an advisory committee offers relevant expertise and other input.

Advisory Committee

Committee members Iwashita Tadashi, chairman and representative director, Lawson Bank
Izumi Nobumichi, former senior managing director, Nikkei Inc.
Kanayama Tsutomu, professor, Academic Foundations Programs, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Kawabe Kentarō, president and representative director, Z Holdings Corp.
Sainowaki Keiko, former deputy editor in chief, Bungei Shunjū

Translation Policy

Most of our content is originally produced in Japanese and translated into the other languages. (A portion of the content in other languages is translated from English as an intermediary step.) While we try to share as much as possible with all of our readers, unfortunately we cannot produce translations of everything in all languages. You can use the links at the top of each piece to jump to the versions available in other tongues.

Our translated articles are faithful to the information and intent of the original texts, but they are not exact, one-for-one translations. We give our translators and editors a flexible hand in adding information that would benefit readers outside Japan and in removing or shortening passages that may not be so helpful to a non-Japanese audience.

Japanese names and terms are written according to a slightly modified Hepburn romanization scheme; we use macrons to indicate long vowels, with the exception of certain globally known geographic and corporate names. Japanese personal names are given in their original order, surname first, and follow the same Hepburn system unless the individual named prefers a different spelling.

If you are a translator interested in working with us on, please see our hiring page, where we post in-house job offers and information on freelance work.

Contact Information

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